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tubo termocontraíble
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H PE Heat shrinkable tubes are made by using superior high polymer to automatically mix into high polymer alloy with scientific formula. When the products are molded, they will be irradiated to be crosslinking by electron accelerator and then continuously expanded untill they are done.

Working temperature:-55°C~125°C

Rated voltage:600V

Advantages: environmentally friendly, soft, flame retarding, fast shrinkage, insulation, oil and acid resisitance, stable propertiies

Application: The product is widely used in connecting wire, protecting welding spot, the terminal of wire, wiring harness and electron component. On the other hand, it is also good at protecting and insulating treating of electron component, wiring harness processing,household appliances, motor

and inner connecting line of eqquipment and instrument etc.

Standard color: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Grey, Brown, Iron Oxide Red(other colors could be customized)
Standard color Black White Red Yellow    Green     Blue    Purple    Grey    Brown Iron Oxide Red
color identification     186U 114U    3288U    646U    2735U    427U    483U    484U
color code                    
\ n \ n PROPERTY \ n



Shrinking temperature

Start at 70°C

Operating temperature


Redial shrinking ratio


Longitudinal shrinkage


Tensile strength


Volume resistance

>1014 Ω/cm

Dielectric strength

≥15 KV/mm


UL224, VW-1

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